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Sonagachi | Red Light Prostitute Area of Kolkata | Sex Workers Photo Video Address

Sonagachi | Red Light Prostitute Area of Kolkata | Sex Workers Photo Video Address

Sonagachi | Red Light Prostitute Area of Kolkata | Sex Workers Photo Video Address

Article on Sonagachi (Golden Tree) of Sovabazar Kolkata. Read Sexual life of Sex Workers (prostitutes), Address, Phone mobile number, life style, family, children health education, AIDS ratio & precautions, Sexy prostitute’s rates, charges, cost and many more. Download Picture, Photos, Wallpapers, Videos MMS of Kolkata Sex Workers during sex with customers.

Prostitution jobs are another part of human society and are the worst to have in every area. I am not talking about them (Sex-workers), I am talking about our selves (the general Male Community) who are using female community for just getting 15-30 minutes physical enjoyment or you can say needs. It’s ridiculous to have Body Selling Business in society.

Address of Sonagachi | Sex Worker’s Address | Red Light Area of Kolkata, West Bengal
Where is Sonagachi in Kolkata, West Bengal?
How to reach Sonagachi – Prostitute Red light Area of Kolkata?
Sonagachi is located beside Chittaranjan Avenue and between Girish Park & Sobhabazar in Kolkata. If I tell you exactly then it should – B.K.Pal Avenue is the area that called Sonagachi in Kolkata. There are many ways to come and have a visit to Kolkata’s largest Sex Workers Area by Bus, Taxi, Metro from different places of Kolkata. By Taxi / cab its easy to come down to Sonagachi rather by Bus or Metro.
• Metro Station near to Sonagachi, Kolkata – Sovabazar
• Bus Stop near to Sonagachi, Kolkata – Sonagachi itself a landmark and popular Bus Stoppage on C.R.Avenue, Kolkata.

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Best time to visit Sonagachi, Kolkata | Safest Time of Visit to Sonagachi, Kolkata | Timings of Sonagachi, Kolkata
Sex Workers of Sonagachi are available 24x7x365 basis. It means that there is no time limit to have a quick enjoyment visit to Sonagachi and get refreshed by expert hands of prostitutes of Kolkata. But it is recommended NOT TO VISIT SONAGACHI as often Kolkata Police (Mama :) ) rates for Social Development purpose.

Why girls, females, women choose Sex as business and become prostitute?
As per the survey report and on the basis of XXX (Name not shown) sex-workers of Kolkata; its found that Poverty and lack of money in family and lack of earning member and sudden death of earning member in family – are the basic cause that forced many innocent teenage girls, lady in to prostitution profession. Some of the sex-workers of Kolkata is the elder sister of their own family and hence sacrifices their lives for giving Food-Education to their little brothers and sisters and mother as well. But, interestingly some sex-workers are intentionally coming to this business without having any problems in family.

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